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This past July I accompanied my wife on her birthday trip to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. We flew in to Vancouver, took the ferry then drove to the marina in Sechelt as we found an Air BnB on a boat docked there. We used it for our base of operations while we explored the coast. Attached here are my favorite photos I made using instant film. It was a great trip filled with relaxing times, amazing food and wonderful scenery.

A few weeks back The Rust Belt Rebels invited me up to their annual Rubber Side Down Rally VI. I missed a few years of their get together as I was out of town when it happened, but was happy to be back with this group of folks. Below are some of my favorites but you can click here for the full gallery.

I finally got around to scanning some instant film from this Summer and have a few I want to share right away. The first, a light leaked view of Sunset from Brooklyn looking towards Manhattan, was captured on my walk home from work. The film was loaded in my Konica and had been there for awhile, but I am not sure what type it is. It’s either 669 or ID UV, leaning heavier on the former, but I am not 100%. The next image which is the same scene is Fuji FP100c Silk. It has a textured background and I now wish I had purchased some before Fuji discontinued it. I had never used it before I came up on this half pack and enjoy the results. The following two are from my  trip to the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia with my wife for her birthday. These two are also the same scene, a seaplane parked at the end of the marina where we were staying, and also shot on FP100c Silk. I wasn’t sure which to scan, as the scene is the same, just different exposures and went with both as each has it’s appeal. Enjoy these, more to come soon.

For the fifth year in a row I packed up my cameras and headed over to the Old Soul Hot Rod Shop to attend Jesse Coot’s & companies party like no other, the Hardcore Happening. If you haven’t been, you should come by. It’s a great time with an solid group of people. You can find a selection here of some of the images of click this link to see everything I captured that day.

Last week I was in Buffalo displaying some of my work as a featured artist at Voodoo and Burnt Rubber. It was a great time and the raffles, including a customer Harley, helped raise money for charity. It was a great time with good people and other fantastic artists. Scroll through to see some of the images I captured at the event.

On June 4th and 5th, a different kind of race than what is typically seen was held in Wildwood, NJ. The Race of Gentlemen is a throw back to an earlier time, where period correct hot rods and motorcycles race on the beach in Wildwood, just as they had done earlier in the 20th century.The weekend is prefaced on Friday June 3rd with a car corral at The Starlux Hotel where folks meet up after registration and a good bit of the cars racing are parked. Later that same evening is The Night of the Troglodytes, a chopper party accompanied by music.  At the race itself beyond the competion, is Kustomrama, custom cars by the sea, and The Wall of Death. I was in attendance all weekend, photographing for Show Class Magazine and below is a small sampling of the event as more images (most of the motorcycle content, The Wall of Death and The Night of the Troglodytes party) will be published by them.

Going through the archives I realized I never posted these images I made while at my last job. I was lucky enough to take home equipment to test to get more familiar and help customers. These are a two images I made while testing a Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 Wide Spectrum digital back represented a few ways. The camera body I used was a Cambo WRS AE and the lens was a Rodenstock 40mm HR, which would equate to a 32mm on a 35mm camera system. All images were made at the Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve in Dekalb County, Georgia. The wide spectrum digital back allows for a lot of creative control in making your images, yielding unique effects based on the wavelengths of light captured.

The first two images are a three shot vertical panorama. Image one is shot Wide Spectrum, meaning no filtration was used over the sensor thus capturing all waves of light. The second image was made using an RM90 filter which cuts all waves of light except those at 900nm or above.

150531_Arabia_Mtn_50WS_Lake_WS Pano

150531_Arabia_Mtn_50WS_Pano2 RM90

The last two images are a one shot horizontal capture, both made using a Blue filter, though the last image was converted to black and white. All post processing for these and all my images are done using Capture One Pro software.

150531_Arabia_Mtn_50WS_081 BL

150531_Arabia_Mtn_50WS_081 BW



On March 5th I ventured up to Western NY and attended the Hamburg Cavalcade of Cars and Old S’Cool Review. It was at the Hamburg Fairgrounds and in the main room you found your mainstay of customized and show cars out on display. In the back, there was a barber giving traditional cuts, a pinup contest and both The Greasemarks from Toronto, CA and The Blue Ribbon Bastards from Buffalo, NY playing some rockabilly. I photographed qute a bit, so here are  few highlights. If you’d like to see more, you can check them out here.












Again, if you want to see the full gallery you can find them all here.

Last week I headed out to Asbury Park, NJ to meet up with Devil Chicken Design at the Cheap Thrills Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet, where he had a booth displaying his art. I met Chris awhile back and always dig checking out what he’s a part of and like motorcycles almost as much as hot rods and muscle cars so I figured it would be a good time. There were definitely some solid rides, quite a few folks and apparently bands at the after party, which I missed as I had to get home. Well worth the trip, but maybe I’ll schedule a little better for the next one. Here’s a few selects, scroll to the bottom for the link to the rest.







You can view the rest of the images here in my gallery.

On January 1st, 2016 I decided to welcome the new year by heading off to Coney Island to join in with the Polar Bear Club on their annual New Years Day swim. This was my fourth time attending, and as always it was a  great time. The air and water temperature were both in about the mid 40’s, so not too cold. In light of this, there were a bit more participants this year than in years past, and even more spectators. Previous years my wife has accompanied me an brought our digital camera to get good pictures, however this year she decided to come along with me in the water, so we opted to not bring a nice camera as we had no one to watch it while we went it. Instead, I brought along my Holga for some on the beach shots and a Canon 35mm waterproof camera that I brought in with me. The Holga was loaded with some expired Fuji Provia 400H transparency film and the Canon with expired Kodak 160vc film. I didn’t take as many in the water as I had hoped, and some were so blurry due to the light / slow film speed conditions that they weren’t as usable, but I was happy with the image I got. Scroll through to check them out and if you have the opportunity, do this swim on New Year’s Day, it’s my favorite way to start the year. Just pack warm clothes to change into and wear some water shoes / booties (no cheating with a wet suit though).

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swin - Provia - Thor

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swim Portra160vc  25

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swin - Provia - Water

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swin - Provia - Wonder Wheel

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swin - Provia - Double

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swim Portra160vc  28

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swim Portra160vc 13

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swim Portra160vc  31

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swim Portra160vc  33

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swim Portra160vc  35

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swim Portra160vc   9

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swim Portra160vc 01

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swim Portra160vc   8

_2016 CI Polar Bear Swim Portra160vc 10