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A few weeks back the studio I work for had a fundraiser and one of our own was in the band Arakkus which played that night. I tried to use my Konica Instant Press with a Q Flash to get some images but the Polaroid 664 was at the end of its storage life. Most wouldn’t spread, I got two for one pulls, frames that wouldn’t advance right which yielded this first image which is a double exposure. The second is a partial spread. I wish I would have refrigerated the majority of my instant, it would have lasted longer. Anyhow, I dig these two frames.



This last image is a bonus shot I made yesterday. I run the camera / digital department of Fast Ashleys Studios and sometimes when we rent out film camera eq we get back unused instant film. I wanted to make sure everything as working, so I snapped this quick portrait of Gibbs outside with the RZ, 65mm lens and Fuji FP100c film.


Earlier in October my family and I traveled to Cooperstown, NY to have a little family get together. While there I brought along my Mamiya RZ Pro II camera and captured some landscapes. Here are the first three that I really enjoyed, shot on expired Kodak Portra 160VC film.




On September 24th the Rumbler Car Club held their 20th anniversary party in Coney Island. I headed out to meet up with some friends and also take my daughter on some of the rides on the Coney boardwalk. While it’s been awhile since the party under the BQE days, Coney Island is a great location to set this show up with plenty to do before and after checking out all the cars. See below for the images I captured of the event.

Finally posting the second half of my images captured at The Race of Gentlemen. In case you missed my first post, here is a little recap on the event.

On June 4th and 5th, racing came back once again to the shores of Wildwood, NJ. Brought to you by the Oilers CC and Stultz & Green, The Race of Gentlemen celebrates American racing history by bringing period correct motorcycles and hot rods back to these storied beaches for some drag races and other attractions. The festivities start at check in on June 3rd at a lot next to the Starlux Hotel where racers check in, park their cars talk hang out with other racers and fans alike.

Things continue later that night with the The Night of the Troglodytes, a chopper party held a few blocks away complete with bands playing. Races start Saturday morning and continue through Sunday afternoon. While the drags are the main attraction, there’s plenty of non racing going on as well with The Wall of Death, Kustomrama more bands and The American Hotrod Foundation’s tent with books of vintage race photos and history to entertain folks. It’s not your typical race, car show or automotive event. It is definitely an experience to be enjoyed by any love of vintage speed, both two and four wheeled varieties.

While this was my first year being able to attend, previous years were barred by not enough vacation time to get there when I live down South or impending hurricane when I got back, it did not disappoint. The sense and scale of the event is different than a car show or nostalgia drag. It’s so much more than that. The group of people gathered to race and those that assemble to watch are fine group of folks. Very rarely at events have I walked in and felt so welcome. It truly is an experience to behold.

Going through the archives and I realized these portraits I made at my job never got used anywhere so I figured I would post them here. Made using my Data-400 ID Camera loaded with Fuji FP100c we captured everyone in a mugshot fashion. Realizing maybe this wasn’t the best look for company portraits, we decided against using them so here they are.

Last week I had stopped by the Indian Larry Block Party to check out their annual gathering. As always, it did not disappoint. Great bikes, good music and good times. Check out a few of the images I liked most below.


This past July I accompanied my wife on her birthday trip to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. We flew in to Vancouver, took the ferry then drove to the marina in Sechelt as we found an Air BnB on a boat docked there. We used it for our base of operations while we explored the coast. Attached here are my favorite photos I made using instant film. It was a great trip filled with relaxing times, amazing food and wonderful scenery.

A few weeks back The Rust Belt Rebels invited me up to their annual Rubber Side Down Rally VI. I missed a few years of their get together as I was out of town when it happened, but was happy to be back with this group of folks. Below are some of my favorites but you can click here for the full gallery.

I finally got around to scanning some instant film from this Summer and have a few I want to share right away. The first, a light leaked view of Sunset from Brooklyn looking towards Manhattan, was captured on my walk home from work. The film was loaded in my Konica and had been there for awhile, but I am not sure what type it is. It’s either 669 or ID UV, leaning heavier on the former, but I am not 100%. The next image which is the same scene is Fuji FP100c Silk. It has a textured background and I now wish I had purchased some before Fuji discontinued it. I had never used it before I came up on this half pack and enjoy the results. The following two are from my  trip to the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia with my wife for her birthday. These two are also the same scene, a seaplane parked at the end of the marina where we were staying, and also shot on FP100c Silk. I wasn’t sure which to scan, as the scene is the same, just different exposures and went with both as each has it’s appeal. Enjoy these, more to come soon.

For the fifth year in a row I packed up my cameras and headed over to the Old Soul Hot Rod Shop to attend Jesse Coot’s & companies party like no other, the Hardcore Happening. If you haven’t been, you should come by. It’s a great time with an solid group of people. You can find a selection here of some of the images of click this link to see everything I captured that day.